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Anders Furuhed is the CTO of Pantor Engineering, where he leads the research and development activities.

David Rosenborg is a member of the development team at Pantor Engineering. He is the resident toolsmith, developing components we use to create our products and solutions. David is one of the designers of FAST and is the main author of the FAST Protocol Specification.

Rolf Andersson is the CEO of Pantor Engineering. He is one of the original designers of FAST and he is a co-chair of the FPL Market Data Optimization Working Group responsible for the maintenance and development of the FAST Protocol.

You can reach us and other Blink team members at Pantor, including Ola Arvidson and Mats Ljungqvist, at Our personal contact details can be found at If you would like to receive updates, please follow @blinkproto on Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter.

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